Guest article provided by: LeBrick Family

Most of us know that it is good for our kids to spend time outside in nature every day. When they are young, many toddlers love playing outside and do not need to be convinced to go outdoors. 

But as our kids grow up, they get introduced to the television, comic books, game consoles, tablets, mobile phones and other types of entertainment. Many of them do not want to be outdoors anymore. Instead, they prefer to stay in their rooms, normally with their eyes glued to an electronic device. 

Is there anything that we can go to get them back outdoors again? Or are we doomed to future generations of kids who do not understand or appreciate nature?

Make nature exciting again

Just like when our kids were toddlers and found everything outside exciting, we need to bring excitement back to our outdoor activities. Encouraging our kids to choose an activity that they enjoy such as kayaking, basketball, hiking or camping can help. 

More importantly, we have to be intentional.

We can have plenty of good intentions to get our kids outdoors but without planning and intentional effort, we may just end up with feelings of guilt as we realize that we failed to carry through on getting our kids outside in sunshine and fresh air.

One of the ways that you can become intentional about your efforts to get everyone outdoors is to use a Vision Board.

What is a Vision Board? 

A Vision Board is simply a board with a collection of pictures and words that illustrate what you want to achieve.

If you want a year filled with outdoor activities, then use your Vision Board to inspire you. For example, you can create a collage of what kind of activities you want your family to engage in for the year.

Why is a Vision Board useful?

A Vision Board is visual and it helps to remind us of what is important to us. I always suggest that people use colorful pictures and eye-popping words to depict what they want to have in their lives. An attractive Vision Board hung up on a wall in your house serves as a great reminder of what you want to focus on.

The process of creating a Vision Board is also beneficial. By taking action to find or create pictures and words to add to your Vision Board, you are telling your brain that these things are what you want to work towards.

An outdoor Vision Board

A Vision Board focused on the outdoors can be full of colorful and interesting pictures depicting people and families enjoying the outdoors. For example, you could include pictures of families and kids doing fun activities outside and enjoying the sun.

If you are a word-oriented person, you can also include words that inspire you. Phrases like Nike’s “Just do it” or “Beaches are fun!” can help.

To get buy-in from your kids, you should include them in the process of creating the Vision Board. For example, you can tell everyone to choose their favorite words and pictures and everyone will get a turn to add their favorite pictures and words to the Vision Board.An outdoor Vision Board done together as a family will not only bond you closer together, but it can also be a fun family activity that you do outdoors in the sunshine!